Monday, April 25, 2011

Weaving In Ends 1298 Times

I have a finish!  My table runner or dresser scarf is finished.
I am very pleased with the result but feel a little sad that the project has ended. It's like that with a good book too. You invest some of yourself into the book and hate to lose touch with the characters. I've spent a lot of time with my project and it went everywhere with me. I considered this project my “take along” project. Most of the time a ball of thread, crochet hook and pair of scissors were all that was required, so the project was small and easily portable.  A lot of people would see me work on it and comment.

A work place friend of mine had commented on my runner when she saw me working on it in the lunch room. She complimented the piece but said she didn't personally like to work on projects where there are a lot of joins. Her words were, “It doesn't matter how careful you are, you can always see the joins”.

I did some research online. I wanted to find out how to properly weave in the ends of my yarn for a nice look and also so that the piece would last. One resource was Nex Stitch, where I found a video tutorial demonstrating the process of weaving in ends. This was an important part of the project.

This runner had 108 motifsFirst there was the inner blue flower that had a start and ending piece of thread. Then a round of white with a start and end. Another round of blue with it's start and end. Then sewing on another center flower topped with a bead for two more starts and ends. The piece was a join as you go and added another start and finish to the number of threads needing to be woven in. That 's 12 times of weaving in ends per motif. The border had just one beginning and ending. I calculated that I had to weave in ends 1298 times.

I put the supplies I was using on this project away.  Soon it will be on to the next project.

Theresa E.

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