Sunday, November 20, 2011

Bookmarks, Updates & New Year Opportunities

 A long silence and then two posts in one day.  Well I have been busy, but I wanted to post some updates. 
Garden Trellis Bookmarks

I have finished my bookmark project.  I made two each of these.  One set was for me and the other set was added to the bookmarks that you can see here and contributed to the Arts and Craft Auction with proceeds going to the Sub for Santa campaign. With these 5 and 11 butterfly bookmarks, a total of 16 bookmarks were contributed. The starting bid was $5 and most of them have bids already.  The auction will continue for 2 more weeks.I did make an extra pink rose bookmark for my daughter. 

All of my bookmark supplies have been put away.  I always find it a little sad to finish up a project and put all of the supplies away.  But then, that is only for as long as it takes to pull out the supplies for the next project.  What now, you ask?  I have all of my red, white and green thread out.  The plans are to make some clothes pin angels for Christmas decorations.

November Progress on the Butterfly in Chains Pillow Cases

I have also made a little progress on my pillowcases.  Not as much as I had hoped, but then I've been making hats.  Both cases are at the same place and look like the photo on the right.  I find that I have to work pillow cases simultaneously or I finish one and not the other.  The final result is want I want to see so as long as they are both kept up, I keep moving along.

If you remember, I am doing a study in Chain stitch.   I filled in the central butterfly with Chain stitch.  The outline of the two end butterflies was done with Cable Chain stitch and the scallops have been embroidered using the Heavy Chain stitch.  Next I want to brush up on Rosette Chain and Detached Chain on some of the flower groupings.

Which reminds me. Sharon B is going to run a new year of TAST! See this Pin Tangle blog entry for more details.  I know that I have signed up.  This is an opportunity to work with others learning new embroidery stitches and developing one's embroidery skills under the expert tutelage of Sharon.

I m also very excited about the Crazy Quilt Journal Project - 2012.  Please be sure to click on the link for information about signing up.  I have also included the banner on the  right side of the blog. I first saw information about this new project on Kathy Shaw's blog, Shawkl.  According to her website, J. Marsha Michler is an honorary Chairperson for the year 2012.

November Progress overall on CQ crochet hook roll-up.

I love working on my current CQ block.  This is going to be a crochet hook roll up and I have made a lot of use of crochet applique. The center has been covered up by a crochet basket and some crocheted flowers. Currently, I am beading the crocheted butterflies.  There are also embroidered butterflies that flit around the basket.  I still have seam treatments to do.  The plan is to embellish the crochet hearts with some silk ribbon embroidery.  Here are some closeups!

November Progress on CQ Crochet Hook Roll Up Right

November Progress on CQ Crochet Hook Roll Up Center
November Progress on CQ Crochet Hook Roll Up Left


Hats! Hats! and more Hats!

I am happy to finally have the time to update my Blog.  I've been very busy and love the chance to reflect on the past couple of months.

What has kept me so busy, you ask?  The answer is hats!

It all started last spring when I joined a Scottish Country Dancing group.  A small group, our goal was to join another group of Hawaiian Hula dancers for an annual show at my work. It was a lot of fun and the group continued to practice after the show was completed.  We were asked to dance for a charity event at a local Veterans nursing home.  A member of our Human Resource department was brainstorming about ways to involve other co-workers in charity events.  I told her that I knew several people who crocheted and I would be happy to volunteer my efforts to teach if there was anyone who wanted to learn.

The end of September was approaching and the HR director told me that she was going to open the building on the next Saturday so we could meet and do crochet.  By default, it was kind of left to me to do the organizing.  We put out signup sheets and advertised on our departments internal web site. 

Scrambling at the last minute, I proposed that we do hats for charity.  I knew that Primary Children's Hospital would take hats and I thought I could interest some people in making hats for babies.  Also, Utah Catholic Services which serves the homeless would accept hats.

I have been very surprised at the success of the group.  It started up as giving up a couple of Saturday mornings to teach crochet.  I started surfing the web for hat patterns.  The crochet page on this blog has been updated with the following links to hat patterns.

The first couple of weeks there were about a dozen of us crocheting hats, scarfs and even some mittens.  We had a couple that were making hats on their Knifty Loom.  I was thrilled that my daughter started and completed a hat, too.  In fact, you can see the pink ruffle hat by the right arm of the chair in this picture.

Within the month, we had made over 125 hats to donate!  I was asked to particpate when the hats were given out.  It was a wonderfully heart-wrenching experience.  At the hospital, I and my small group were shown a room inside the hospital that had a tree in the corner with hats on the tree.  Officials explained that kids of all ages utilized this room for chemo treatments.  Some of the children would be in this department for up to 14 hours a treatment and some children have several treatments a week.  Before the youngsters leave, they are allowed to pick a hat off the tree to take with them.  Since many of them have lost their hair this small kindness means very much to them. The tenacity and courage of these children is awe-some.

We also toured the Catholic Community Services facility.  There we were shown the eating area which typically serviced 500 meals a day.  In the past little while, with the weather turning colder, they were averaging 800.  They also showed how their donations were cleaned, organized and set up so that those in need could find clothing and coats.  Unlike thrift stores these items were given completely free.  The administrators joked that woman were very good about giving up their old clothes but it was a much different story for men.  Of course, the majority of the people they service are men.  They also stated that they had a real need for larger sizes.  Any of the x sizes were deparately needed.  They expressed gratitude for the hats, scarfs and mittens.  Just while we were there, several requests were made for gloves.

The funny thing is, after volunteer month was over, we are just hitting our stride.  A couple of days after the tours a co-worker came in loaded with 3 huge appliance boxes of yarn.  It seems she stopped by a garage sale in her area and purchased all of this yarn for a $100.  Joy, what a wonderful contribution and we thank you.  Now, if you walk around the work area, you will notice yarn and a project on what seems like every other desk.  One co-worker keeps telling me that we have started a movement.  Currently, we have expanded the project for the Christmas season.  Our tree, in the foyer, has a "Warm your Hearts" theme and is already completely filled with hats and we have containers under the tree that are filling up fast!

Not only have I had the wonderful opportunity to contribute to all of this, but I have also been able to know many of my co-workers on a much more intimate level.  The stories that have been shared mean so much.  One co-worker has been diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy.  She is in a wheel chair most of the time, now, but she and her mother have contributed well over a 100 hats between them.  Another co-worker and friend shared how she and her sister discovered that they were both taught to crochet by their grandmothers.  Just not the same, grandmother.  They both have completely different styles.  There are several men who are contributing and I keep telling the ones who aren't that there is nothing unmanly about crocheting.

A dear friend told me that she always admired how her mother could adapt and make up patterns.  Her mother passed away a couple of years ago but now she was learning how to crochet and felt that much closer to her. Another very special co-worker told me that 15 years ago when she was pregnant with her first daughter she learned how to make granny squares.  She still has the squares but didn't know how to join them.  I explained that now she could join them and have a blanket for her first grandchild when it was time.

It seems like everyday I am showing a new person how to make a chain stitch. I've been reflecting on how life is like a chain.  It is full of small little links that make the line of our lives.  I'm not sure that was well said, but back to that Scottish Country Dancing instructor. Her husband had an accident.  While he will make a full recovery, she shared that learning how to crochet has kept her sanity while she is waiting at doctors and running him around for errands.  She has completed one hat and is now on her second.


Sunday, July 24, 2011

Lagoon Day 07/23/2011

07/23/11 was my annual work sponsored day at out local amusement park, Lagoon.  A summer day spent at Lagoon was the season's treat for me as a child and I know my daughter feels the same way.  This year she was able to treat her friend and her aunt.  It was much anticipated and the three of them had a great time.  I was the tag along adult who was only there for the money and the access I could provide.  It is quite alright and understandable that my thirteen year old didn't want to hang out with Mom!  In fact, I didn't want to hang out with her.  I had abdominal surgery a little over a month ago and knew I wasn't up to their youthful exuberance.

Antique Shoe Collection

I planned a day of stitching.  I had been teasing my co-workers for a week that I planned on setting up a craft station and getting some cross stitch done.  Sure enough, Saturday morning dawned.  I packed a cooler with soda, sandwich makings and grapes.  We had a bag of water bottles, sun screen, chapstick and wipes.  I took care of my special supply bag.

Hat Collage

It consisted of my Z Frame Table Stand with Clamp, my clip on magnifier, my pattern holder and a table model magnifier and battery operated light. I had my project, my needlebook, my floss ring. The floss ring contains the embroidery floss for the entire project separated into baggies labelled with the floss number and color.  I had my seam ripper and my scissors.  I also had approximately 10 hours to get some marathon stitching in.
After the tickets were bought and we entered the park it was quite a hike to the reserved pavilion. Once there we agreed on a check in time and the kids were off on their adventure.  I set up my work station.  Those of you who followed my earlier blog know that I have a 3 piece project that I am working for my daughter.  It is the Hat Collage, Purse Collection and Antique Shoe Collection.  The Hat Collage is done and I am currently working on the Purse Collection.

Purse Collection
I haven't had much time for it lately, so I enthusiastically started stitching.  Almost immediately, I noticed a young girl watching me.  She started inching closer and closer.  I smiled at her encouragingly.  She wasn't paying any attention to her family which was setting up lunch but she was watching every move I made. 

After a few more minutes, I asked her if she wanted to see what I was doing. Alexandria was taking it all in and asking questions.  I am working the project on 18 count Aida fabric, so I showed her how she could look in the magnifying glass and see the holes in the fabric.  She wanted to know if the needles were sharp so I showed her one of the tapestry needles and explained since I didn't have to make holes in the fabric I didn't need a sharp needle.  She asked how I could make the picture and I explained that I made a cross stitch on every square and the pattern told me what color to put there.  I had to let her see the pattern too.  It was also being magnified.  Alexandria and her family came back to the rest area several times and each time she came back she watched me just as carefully and wanted to know my progress.

Throughout the day, I had several adults ask to see what I was working on.  Some commented on the magnifying glasses.  Some commented on how much work it was.  A couple wanted to know if I thought my daughter would appreciate the work.  It was good for a laugh and one answered her own question by saying she probably would not appreciate the work at least until she had made one of her own.

The fun was the kids.  One little boy kept asking me if I wanted a skittle so he could watch me.  He asked me if I was an artist. I told him that some people might call me an artist, but what I really was is a needleworker.  Another young man exclaimed, "Wow, you are so good!"  I think the high point was when a young lady, probably around 10 years old, came in and said "That's cool!" She was very excited and I told her all about the process too.

This picture shows what I was able to accomplish in approximately 10 hours of marathon stitching.  I thought I would get more done, but I am happy with the work. I especially like the handkerchief that is falling out of the purse.  I have some plans to make some of these.
Purse Collection 07/24/11

This picture shows the current progress on the piece. 
It was a very good Lagoon Day!

Business Card Holder

Business Card Holder Group Picture

I particpated in a fun project at StitchMAP.  If you are interested in learning more about needlework see the right side bar for a link.  The project was for a Business Card Holder.  It was meant as a case for my member business cards but is also perfect for credit cards or gift cards.  We had a due date but no other parameters.  We could be as creative as we wished.

I had recently found some linen at a thrift store.  Nice big pieces of both pale pink and cream.  I knew I wanted to use my pink linen.  My first thought was to do a cross stich motif, but after 3 or 4 mistakes I abandoned the idea.  I was having too much difficulty with spacing. 

 The light bulb went off when I thought that this might be a good opportunity to use the bullion stitch and make some roses.  I pulled out my reference book, "A-Z of Bullions".  I had been excited to win the bid on this book on an e-Bay auction.  I won for $23.95 and I had seen the book at Amazon for over $100.  It contained some nice motifs that I knew I could adapt.

I had to practice the stitch, but I succeeded in making recognizable bullion roses.

Card Holder 1

My goal for the first one I completed was to have a design that did not need an orientation as I wasn't sure what the front of the holder would be.  One of the mentoring tips I received was to baste a large X on the front of the piece to find the center. That worked very well but I should have measured and gridded for the other elements.  I added the rose buds at the end hoping that it would distract  from the uneven placement.  Also, there wasn't room for a button closure so I settled for a velcro closure.
Card Holder 2

 On the second one, I chose a spray pattern.  It was a good opportunity to add some bullion loop flowers to the roses.  I added some yellow french knots and some detached daisy chain leaves.  I think it looks very dainty.

The third has more elaborate foliage.  I wish that it were more symmetrical but I have learned not to scoff at preplanning.  I used more muted colors and I believe that it does make it look older, more vintage.  This card holder has a special meaning for me. One of my girlfriends has survived a divorce. I am so proud of the actions she has taken to improve her life including her health and her social life.  This cardholder will hold little personal cards that she gave give out if she meets someone she would like to know better.

Card Holder 3

Here are some articles about calling cards.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Still More Butterflies

I am done with the Butterfly Bookmarks.  I have to admit that they did turn out very nice. Turn out is a good phrase for what I've done.  I have a set of 5 and so does my daughter.  I have 10 of them to contribute to the Arts and Craft Auction for United Way.  I have also given out so many that I forgot to count them.  Here's a photo of 5 in all the colors that I used.

Butterfly Set

The tassels are what put the finishing touch on these.  I used some of the cotton thread and added various ribbons that I had on hand. I picked up a tassel tool a long time ago and decided it was time to make the investment pay.  I don't remember how much I spent on it as I am sure it came from a Yard Sale of Thrift Store. I wouldn't call it a necessity, but it was fun.  Here is a picture of it.

Trim-It, a Tassel Tool

I was curious about the tool and did a search. I did not find this tool but I did find Crystalites Tassel Tool, Tassel Master,  and Tasselitt.

There was also an interesting Tassel Making Primer at Pretty Impressive Stuff. Did you know that you can make beautiful tassels out of fringe and cord?

The tassel makes the bookmark, well the word that comes to mind is flutter by.  This is a term that has been coined by Kelly Fletcher on her blog, Materialistic - A Blog about Stitching on a series of free butterfly designs for surface embroidery.  I love her work.  This is her 3rd set of patterns.  She has already released Jacobean Leaves and Bloomin' Marvelous.

While we are talking about butterfly patterns, I wanted to mention that last week I saw an e-Bay listing for the Butterfly Shade Pull that I listed in a previous post. I recognized the graphic used as it was taken right off the web site.  It had a minimum bid of $4.95 and free shipping.  I wonder how many times this seller has charged someone $5 to provide them with this link.  I think this is shameful!  I know that it is important to be an educated consumer, especially in a forum such as e-Bay.

I have put away this project.  The The Trim-It tool is in the sewing tool box.  The scissors, hooks and remaining threads and ribbon have been put away. BTW - I used 5 full skeins of #10 crochet thread. Now it is time to move ahead to the next project which is a CQ crochet case.

During the Basic CQ class hosted by StitchMap, I made two extra pieced blocks.  I have seamed them together.  Once I have finished embellishing them, I plan to make a crochet case.  Here is a photo of them as they are now:

Nearly Naked CQ Crochet Case

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My Sampler

At some point, all crafters have a moment when they choose action over thought.  For me, the thought was about crazy quilting.  I was reading about it, searching the web for it, seeking out others who crazy quilted. I was drooling over photos, building a stash and dreaming about the wonderful crazy quilt I would create. I was coming from a background of crochet and some surface embroidery usually on preprinted linen such as pillowcases. Crazy Quilting was on my mind and I finally decided to act.

With my new action-oriented resolve, I realized that I needed to improve my embroidery skills.  It was at this time that I was introduced to sharon b's Pin Tangle.  More specifically, I stumbled upon her posts about the famous For the Love of Stitching Band Sampler.  I decided that I was going to make one of my own.

Sampler 1

You can't quite make it out in this photo but I started the Sampler on July 04, 2008.  It wasn't fancy.  I had taken some 12x18 aida and cut it in half.  Having already read about the For the Love of Stitching Band Sampler I was prepared and used my sewing machine to add some inexpensive cotton down the sides so that I would be able to use a hoop across the width.

I started at the beginning with Running Stitch and then practiced some Threaded Running Stitch. Next up was some darning stitch patterns I had been reading about in a magazine.  It occurred to me that the Sampler could be more than just a practice piece.  It could also record patterns for later reference.  After darning stitch interruption, I continued with Arrow stitch and Algerian Eye stitch.
Sampler 2

I wasn't going to be able to continue on in alphabetical order.  It was not that organized of a project.  As I was looking through stitch dictionaries, I was struck by all the examples of stitches done in leaf form.  I copied a simple leaf pattern and then made my own examples of Open Fishbone, Closed Herringbone, Raised Fishbone, Leaf, Roumanian, Flat, Closed Cretan, Van Dyke and Closed Fly.  It was apparent to me that I was going to need to label my work so that later I would know what I was looking at.

Sampler 3

Next I have some samples of Coral, Chain and Crested Chain. The rest of this photo shows my experiment with Back Stitch, Outline Stitch and Stem Stitch.  I was able to see the difference in how the stitches took curves.

I also agreed that the Sampler would have more meaning it it included tidbits from my life.  In Back Stitch, I stitched a violin to represent my daughter taking music in the 5 and 6th grades.  The cat I chose for the Outline Stitch and the Stem Stitch represented my first cat. He was black.  His name was Monster.  When I first got the cat, I found myself saying, "Get out of that, you little monster".  The name stuck but it was used affectionately for the 10 years that he was with me.

Sampler 4

First I needed a simple alphabet so I could label my work and then I decided to tackle Bullion Stitch.  I recorded not only a bullion rose but also a frog, spider, bumblebee, and strawberry.   This is followed by Sheaf Stitch and an example of a butterfly in Sheaf Stitch.  There is a Buttonhole Wheel, Open Cretan and some practice on the Cast On stitch.

Sampler 5

Sampler 6
These photos show some excercises from a Color Theory class that was taken through Stitchmap. It was very helpful to think about color using a non-blendable color source.

Sampler 7 is my results to the Long and Short Sampler by Mary Corbet on Needle N Thread.

Sampler 7

Sampler Backing

It has been left unbacked so that more length can be added. Which brings me to the reason for this rather lengthy post. I have recently put a backing on the sections introduced above.  I used sheeting that had been picked up at a thrift store.  I started by cutting the sheet but soon realized that the material can be torn.  That made quick work of it. I also have a crocheted rag rug floating around in my thoughts!

New Aida Length

New Striped Cotton Length
I have also put together two new lengths to be added on in the future.  I have one in aida and I one in a striped cotton.

I am looking forward to filling these up and adding them to the rest.  Since starting this Sampler, I have actually created a few pieces that have been done in crazy quilting.  Focusing on embroidery was a very good start for me .

Monday, June 20, 2011

Stars and Stripes

I have completed and mailed my summer ornament for an exchange that was hosted by StitchMap.  Stitchmap is a wonderful needlework group that offers mentoring and teaching at no cost. Click on the link in the right side bar for more information.  Here it is:

This is Stripes from the Stars and Stripes pattern in the magazine Stoney Creek Cross Stitch 06/2005 page 38-39.

I really like the use of negative space. The ornament was made all the more perfect because my swap partner's favorite color is red.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

More Thrift Store Finds and More Butterflies

Some of my favorite memories are going to garage sales and thrift stores.  When my mother was still alive, we went out every Saturday morning.  We would end the day by going out for lunch.  We didn't need a lot of money.  Usually we would have about $20 each.  My mother always bought more than I did because she liked decorator items.  I was always looking for books or craft supplies.  I no longer have my mother to go with, but I know she would be happy to know that I still love to find a bargain.

Tuesday morning I had a doctor's appointment.  When I got there the receptionist told me I would need to reschedule because the doctor had an emergency.  Instead of wasting my time out, I stopped at a thrift store near the office.  I had a lot of fun.  Here is what I found.

Thrift Store finds 06/07/11

If you look close you will see that each bag is marked as $3.00.  Let me show you what was in each bag.

Tatting Threads

First I was able to find these tatting threads. 

I checked at Herrschners tatting threads and each one of these are going for $1.99.  I got 19 skeins for $3.00.

Floss on cards

This picture is of floss that has already been wound onto card bobbins.  There are approximately 40 cards. There was even an extra supply of bobbins.

Floss Skeins

And this picture is of the loose floss skeins.  I counted them at 71 skeins.  I was at Michael's the same day replenishing my red #321 and paid $.35 a skein.  At 71 skeins that is $24.85.  If you include the floss already wound there are 100 + skeins.  100 skeins would cost $35.00.  This floss cost me $6.00 for the two bags.

I also got 5 crochet hooks for $2.00 and 3 bobbins of lace for another $2.00   This was another great shopping experience.

Now for more butterflies....

I have been crocheting butterfly bookmarks.  They go together pretty fast and it seems like everyone who sees one wants one.  I didn't get pictures of all that I have made but here are two of the ones I have kept for myself.
Butterfly Bookmarks
This pattern looks really good in variegated thread.  I have made a dozen already and have plans for more.  In fact, at work each year there is an arts and crafts auction that is a United Way fundraiser.  I hope to have a dozen to include.  I need to have two more done by Saturday since my friend would like one for her  for birthda y!  Another friend wants one for her daughter's birthday.

This butterfly bookmark link will take you to the free pattern.

I found a nice tutorial on Bookmark Tassels on wikiHow.

Here are some more crocheted butterfly links:

Butterfly Handkerchiefs
Butterfly Shade Pulls
Dainty Butterfly
Fancy Crocheted Butterfly
Pineapple Butterfly
Small Crocheted Butterfly
Thread Butterfly

Progress on my Butterfly Pillowcases has slowed.  I have been spending my time finishing up an ornament for a summer swap.  I will have pictures of that next time after the recipient has received it.  I still plan to do this in chain stitch and it's variations.  I have been trying to achieve a consistent and uniform look to the chain stitch.  It does give the butterfly an interesting texture.  I am looking forward to having more of it done soon. Here is a current picture of the project .

Over on Stitchin Fingers, Pat Boggins is hosting a Post a Photo of Chain Stitch challenge.  You can see the photo's at the Chain Stitch Photo Link.

Theresa E.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Thrift Store Finds

I had one of those days when it would be appropriate to speak of “Stash Enhancement Experience” as SEX. I went to the thrift store for my weekly visit. The anticipation is addicting. When my daughter was younger we played a game during the drive there. I would start by asking her,”Can't you hear the treasure calling you? It is saying, “Come and find me”. She would continue to sing - speak it during the rest of the drive. “Mom, your treasure is calling. It wants you to find it.”

It was easy to find a toy, dress up article, or book that would make her feel she had found her treasure. I always found something to treasure too. Threads, yarns, buttons, doilies, beads, fabric – I could always find something.

Sometimes, I would have a great find. Once, I picked up baggies full of Peaches and Cream cotton yarn. There was 10-12 full skeins in a bag that was marked $2.99. There were about 15 bags. I stashed all of those bags in my basket.Then I agonized, did I have enough money?, I would ask. Then I would put half of them back. I would then ask, can I afford not to get them? Finally, I loaded them all in my cart and headed to the checkout line. When I got there, the cashier told me that it was my lucky day. They had a special going – 5 bags for 5 dollars. I got out of there only paying a dollar a bag. That was a great treasure find.

There is also my favorite story. I went into a thrift store with my husband. He is always in a hurry and doesn't like to take his time looking through stuff. In their household bins, I found several bags of crochet thread. There was 6 skeins in a bag and the bag was priced at $1.99. I don't remember how many bags there were but I picked up 2 of them. At the time, I was giving embroidered pillow cases out for Christmas gifts and I could use the thread to crochet an edging. I wanted to pick up more, but my husband starting saying, “You don't need more.You have tons of that stuff. You could open a store now. Let's go – I don't want to spend all day!” I wanted them all, but I walked away with the just the two bags.

When I got home, I put the baggies in my crochet thread bin and that is where they sat as I was not quite ready to use them. One day, several months later, I decided to organize my crafts and I ran across those 2 bags. I opened the bags and found that each skein had the beginning of a project tucked inside. Imagine my surprise as I pulled out the first one and unfolded the project to see a $100 bill tucked inside. As you can imagine, I went through the rest of the skeins and each one had money in it. I ended up with $900. Later, my husband told me that he stopped back in the store to see if they still had any bags left. Of course, they did not.

Well, Friday was one of those kind of days. When I got to the household section of the store, I found bag that had a number of spools of metallic thread. I smiled and thought to myself that I found my treasure today. I looked again and there was another one. I found 10 of these bags. They were each $2.99 but I had a 20% off coupon. This meant that each bag cost $2.40. Each bag had specialty threads. This time, I took pictures.

What I started with.

This was my metallic
thread stash before today's find.

Balger Threads

I knew that I had quite a bit of new threads, so I pulled out a drawer and emptied it. I now needed a dedicated drawer. I opened each one of my bags and sorted them. As I started to organize and put away, I found these Balger threads.

Add Kreinik

Then I added the Kreinik spools.
DMC added


That is not all. Next I put in the DMC spools.

and more

I wasn't done yet. I found these metallics too.

still more

There is still more!

This picture includes some suede,
some satin, some corded,
and even some glow in the dark!

even more
This picture has some variegated threads and some thread that I am going to crochet with. The four spools in the middle. I think they will make very pretty flowers. There are threads that I believe are used in Candlewicking. One states on the package that it is fuzzy thread to use for beards and other fuzzy items. There are sequins, Gutermann thread and Scroll Frame Knobs.

I took one final picture of my metallic stash.

Look at my stash now!

Once I started this blog article, I found that DMC Light Effects belong here, as well. Naturally, I have each one of their bundles too.

Here are some interesting links that I found.