Sunday, November 20, 2011

Bookmarks, Updates & New Year Opportunities

 A long silence and then two posts in one day.  Well I have been busy, but I wanted to post some updates. 
Garden Trellis Bookmarks

I have finished my bookmark project.  I made two each of these.  One set was for me and the other set was added to the bookmarks that you can see here and contributed to the Arts and Craft Auction with proceeds going to the Sub for Santa campaign. With these 5 and 11 butterfly bookmarks, a total of 16 bookmarks were contributed. The starting bid was $5 and most of them have bids already.  The auction will continue for 2 more weeks.I did make an extra pink rose bookmark for my daughter. 

All of my bookmark supplies have been put away.  I always find it a little sad to finish up a project and put all of the supplies away.  But then, that is only for as long as it takes to pull out the supplies for the next project.  What now, you ask?  I have all of my red, white and green thread out.  The plans are to make some clothes pin angels for Christmas decorations.

November Progress on the Butterfly in Chains Pillow Cases

I have also made a little progress on my pillowcases.  Not as much as I had hoped, but then I've been making hats.  Both cases are at the same place and look like the photo on the right.  I find that I have to work pillow cases simultaneously or I finish one and not the other.  The final result is want I want to see so as long as they are both kept up, I keep moving along.

If you remember, I am doing a study in Chain stitch.   I filled in the central butterfly with Chain stitch.  The outline of the two end butterflies was done with Cable Chain stitch and the scallops have been embroidered using the Heavy Chain stitch.  Next I want to brush up on Rosette Chain and Detached Chain on some of the flower groupings.

Which reminds me. Sharon B is going to run a new year of TAST! See this Pin Tangle blog entry for more details.  I know that I have signed up.  This is an opportunity to work with others learning new embroidery stitches and developing one's embroidery skills under the expert tutelage of Sharon.

I m also very excited about the Crazy Quilt Journal Project - 2012.  Please be sure to click on the link for information about signing up.  I have also included the banner on the  right side of the blog. I first saw information about this new project on Kathy Shaw's blog, Shawkl.  According to her website, J. Marsha Michler is an honorary Chairperson for the year 2012.

November Progress overall on CQ crochet hook roll-up.

I love working on my current CQ block.  This is going to be a crochet hook roll up and I have made a lot of use of crochet applique. The center has been covered up by a crochet basket and some crocheted flowers. Currently, I am beading the crocheted butterflies.  There are also embroidered butterflies that flit around the basket.  I still have seam treatments to do.  The plan is to embellish the crochet hearts with some silk ribbon embroidery.  Here are some closeups!

November Progress on CQ Crochet Hook Roll Up Right

November Progress on CQ Crochet Hook Roll Up Center
November Progress on CQ Crochet Hook Roll Up Left



  1. Wow Theresa! You have been busy. Like the colors on your crazy quilt. It looks very pretty. (-;

  2. Such beautiful work Theresa. Love your bookmarks and your cq work.