Thursday, June 23, 2011

Still More Butterflies

I am done with the Butterfly Bookmarks.  I have to admit that they did turn out very nice. Turn out is a good phrase for what I've done.  I have a set of 5 and so does my daughter.  I have 10 of them to contribute to the Arts and Craft Auction for United Way.  I have also given out so many that I forgot to count them.  Here's a photo of 5 in all the colors that I used.

Butterfly Set

The tassels are what put the finishing touch on these.  I used some of the cotton thread and added various ribbons that I had on hand. I picked up a tassel tool a long time ago and decided it was time to make the investment pay.  I don't remember how much I spent on it as I am sure it came from a Yard Sale of Thrift Store. I wouldn't call it a necessity, but it was fun.  Here is a picture of it.

Trim-It, a Tassel Tool

I was curious about the tool and did a search. I did not find this tool but I did find Crystalites Tassel Tool, Tassel Master,  and Tasselitt.

There was also an interesting Tassel Making Primer at Pretty Impressive Stuff. Did you know that you can make beautiful tassels out of fringe and cord?

The tassel makes the bookmark, well the word that comes to mind is flutter by.  This is a term that has been coined by Kelly Fletcher on her blog, Materialistic - A Blog about Stitching on a series of free butterfly designs for surface embroidery.  I love her work.  This is her 3rd set of patterns.  She has already released Jacobean Leaves and Bloomin' Marvelous.

While we are talking about butterfly patterns, I wanted to mention that last week I saw an e-Bay listing for the Butterfly Shade Pull that I listed in a previous post. I recognized the graphic used as it was taken right off the web site.  It had a minimum bid of $4.95 and free shipping.  I wonder how many times this seller has charged someone $5 to provide them with this link.  I think this is shameful!  I know that it is important to be an educated consumer, especially in a forum such as e-Bay.

I have put away this project.  The The Trim-It tool is in the sewing tool box.  The scissors, hooks and remaining threads and ribbon have been put away. BTW - I used 5 full skeins of #10 crochet thread. Now it is time to move ahead to the next project which is a CQ crochet case.

During the Basic CQ class hosted by StitchMap, I made two extra pieced blocks.  I have seamed them together.  Once I have finished embellishing them, I plan to make a crochet case.  Here is a photo of them as they are now:

Nearly Naked CQ Crochet Case

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