Tuesday, July 10, 2012

And One Thing Leads to Another

Saturdays are pretty hectic at my house. After working all week, it is time to do the house work. House work, laundry, and grocery shopping are priorities, but my family usually likes a good breakfast and then I also get food prepared for the week. I usually manage to get it done in time to do my weekly shopping either at a thrift store or dare I say it, a craft store. I consider it my play.

This one particular Saturday, I dragged my daughter kicking and screaming to Joanne's with me.  I needed some DMC #5 floss and I wanted to pick up a Dresden Plate Template.  While we were there, Assa found some really cute cupcake fabric.  Mom, can I get some, she asked?  I don't normally indulge her because she never finishes a project that she starts.  I usually try to interest her with supplies on hand, but she was patiently walking around the store with me while I took in my dose of color and possibilities so I asked her what she would do with it if I bought it for her.  She didn't know, but she really wanted it.  I bought 2 yards.

It sat around for a while, and I decided that I was not going to let it go to waste.  I have been perusing sewing blogs and Pinterest pictures and I had come accross a pattern for fastest easiest  pillow case everI pulled out my sewing machine and gave it a whirl.  Here is a picture of the finished pillow cases:

Assa's Cupcake Pillow Cases
While I was working on my box which you saw in the last post, I thought I bet I have enough of that fabric left to make her a box too.  I did.  It was a lot of fun being able to give her a box like mine with her fabric choice. Here is a picture of her box.

Assa's Completed Box

Inside Assa's Box

I was able to finish a lamp shade for her too.


  1. Theresa, the pillow cases are darling in the cupcake fabric -- and so is that sweet little box!! I love it!! :)

  2. I love how you coordinated everything for your daughter. So cute!

  3. I bet your daughter is one happy young lady!

  4. Amazing! Did you have done all this in just one afternoon?

  5. Congratulations all the things look great

  6. Your investment in the material was a good one as you were able to make so many things with it.


  7. I am loving this set of projects! Off to the fabric store! Well done. Hope your daughter enjoys it as much as I did. The pillow case project is great. I just had to become a follower.