Sunday, July 21, 2013

A Few Crochet Hook Holders

Remember the pattern weights? They came in really handy when I was making my Crochet Hook Roll-ups.  I have been wanting to make me one for some time and I realized that they would be the perfect appreciation gift for my friends who support my charity crochet.

It was a lot of fun picking fabric for each person. One of my friends told me that her favorite color was iced orange. I have been trying to make friends with the color orange because I had a color prejudice. I think it stemmed from all of the olive green and burnt orange colors of the 70's. Another friend claims green as her favorite color.  I have always thought green was a nice supportive color for flowers but not as a main color.  I have altered my perceptions of colors and really enjoyed both colors in this project.

Here are some photos:

Closed Orange Crochet Hook Roll-up 
Open Orange Crochet Hook Roll-up
Closed Purple Crochet Hook Roll-up
Open Purple Crochet Hook Roll-up
Closed Pink Crochet Hook Roll-up
Open Pink Crochet Hook Roll-up
Open Green Crochet Hook Roll-up
Closed Green Crochet Hook Roll-up
Open Large Hook Roll-Up
 Large Crochet Hook Roll-up
Steel Hook Roll-up
Steel Hook Rollup

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