Sunday, July 21, 2013

Jacob's Ladder Crochet Pillow

I have completed one of my larger projects.  It is a pillow cover that was crocheted using Aunt Lydia's Classic Crochet Thread, a #10 Bedspread weight.  I have used 3 colors: Bridal Blue, Delft Blue and White.  The thread was purchased online at Herrschners.

The pattern was found online too. It is called Round Jacob's Ladder. I altered the pattern by using #10 thread instead of baby yarn.  I also made 2 complete rounds.  What I mean is that when the original pattern is completed you have 10 double crochets between the chains.  My pillow top was not big enough so I started the pattern again where there was 4 double crochet between chains and followed the pattern until once again I had 10 double crochets between chains.  It sound more complicated than it was.

I did this for two round doilies and then laced them together over a round pillow top with 1/4 inch white satin ribbon. Initially I was concerned because it looked like the center was going to cone once the chained loops were drawn up. Once it was washed and dried, however, the center laid nice and flat. There is a nice article about crocheting a flat circle in this blog post on Slugs On The Refridgerator. It was a "happy accident" when the laced chains doubled to fit just where the sides of the pillow are. 

 I was not following directions for color changes, so I decided to use the principles of the Fibonacci principal simplified. what I mean by that is each color was done in either 1, 3, or 5 rows. It is held in design theory that a Fibonacci sequence is thought to be more pleasing.  For those mathematicians and scientists out there, you can find a nice article about Fibonacci Numbers on Wikipedia. Each side of the pillow top is a different sequence of colors so they are not identical. I did start both sides with a white center and used a row of white between each color change.

I really like the pillow and it has found a home on my bed.

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